Spiffy Gear Launches Spekular Modular LED Light

Spekular has arrived! See it here - http://spiffygear.com/spekular/

Here's what it does. 

Here's a short "Behind The Scenes" of a product shoot I did for a friend. 

Here are some photos of, or made with Spekular

One less Facebook page

Most of you know that I manage social media accounts for a living, and while that sounds fun - sometimes it can be stressful, you see everything, need to keep tabs on everything - and so I've closed my 'Simon's photography page' and will be continuing to post, but I'll be posting here and I'll be bringing back to life my little email newsletter... It feels a little bit more personal. Not signed up? sign up below...

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Recently, I've not been photographing a lot, I have been waiting for a couple of shoots to fall into place but they're taking time - it's not my full time gig, so I don't pursue it like I could, would or should. But, it's a love, so I'm still at it... 

Meanwhile, i've had a few new camera bags come in this week that I'm a bit excited about, one is the new Think Tank streetwalker HD-R (I'm calling it the HD-R as it's the Streetwalker, but in a full time rolling format for when you have steps or sand or mud or.... you get me) 

Chris and his Streetwalker HD-R in Vegas, baby...

Chris and his Streetwalker HD-R in Vegas, baby...

Anyways, this ain't no advertising forum, but I mention the Streetwalker as it was the first backpack I had from Think Tank back in the day - I still have and use that bag. 


VENUS LAOWA 15mm f/2.0 Sony E Mount Lens

Thankful to have a chance at using the Laowa 15mm f/2 e mount this weekend, though I will point it it's not a final version of the lens, it's pre-production, but it's a very sturdy feeling little beast. I'm not a lens reviewer and this certainly isn't a review, but here are some photographs I made while I was wandering around today and last night. 

Man with Dog near the heads - Laowa 15mm f/2.0 1/1600th | Sony a7RMk2

Man with Dog near the heads - Laowa 15mm f/2.0 1/1600th | Sony a7RMk2

Just to re-cap, not a review, just some time out with the 15mm Laowa f/2.0 Sony E Mount lens. 

It's a very impressive little (but very solid feeling) lens, I'm interested to try it side by side with the Sony 16-35mm. (obviously it's MF and the Sony is AF, but whatevs)