Sixteen - Hammer it home

I'm a freelance social media and community manager, I work from wherever I am - mostly - and 90% of that "wherever I am" is home. This means that I can schedule in things to do during my regular working day, which is mostly broken in two - mornings and evenings, with the middle of the day mostly working on relevant projects or, for the last four years, this old falling down house. We're about to start a major renovation, but before we do, there are a few things that we've been advised to do, one of those is to replace the north boundary fence - simple process aside from the entire north boundary being set in concrete... Most of it I removed with a massive crow-bar, but this last bit - the entire back yard - I had to hire in a smallish jack-hammer... 

Sixteen : Day Six | Thursday September 20th, 2016

You feel like the work is never done, that's because it is never done.