Sixteen - Order is restored

Yesterday sixteen took us close to the edge, a photograph of a coffee drinker, drinking tea from a Starbucks mug - so many things wrong with that photograph (not to mention the 16mm lens being used for a portrait! bend+stretch) 

This little journey of single camera+lens combo is making me think in stories already, the guy started in his office, where he spends a lot of time, took him on a wander around his neighbourhood to "the walled city" then back into the office for a late night tea drinking session... Today we're exposing, slowly, coffee and a quick customer service session before heading out to mess about in the mostly rainy backyard with the kids... We might try break some more concrete - who knows?

Sixteen : Day Four | Thursday September 18th, 2016

What? Oh, it's just a project inspired by a bloke named Peter from ProTog, a great camera shop here in Melbourne. I use one camera / lens (I've chosen the a7rMk2 and the 16-35mm at 16mm) 

I've chosen to use any type of lighting and I'm trying to build all of the images into a sequence with a story. 

Enough for now.