Today, it's cold...

This was almost a lifetime ago, but damn it reminds me of good times! On the hill with David, Tom, Pasky, Jodes, Michelle, Amber -- #Utah 2009. #SnowBasin

Posted by Simon Pollock on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today we're talking about something cold and something hot. 

Cold, that's the video above, snow shenanigans from 2009... What a fun crew that was! Something hot, that's the fresh loaf that Kelsey is holding, below. Reunion & Co, my local, have allowed me to photograph their staff (they use the photos on Instagram, too) which is quite fun.

My admission is that I'm actually quite nervous about photographing people I don't know in a one-on-one kinda scenario... What freaks me is "Will they like the photo?" Kelsey didn't want her photo taken (hell, who would, really!) and so adding in a barrier between her and the camera, in this case the pass / servery, made it a little easier to take. It's especially scary at the moment as I've been using my beloved Sony a7 with a Fotodiox Vizelux EF adapter and any of my current lenses on the end of it. The one below was with a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens... What's scary about that? Well, sometimes I nail focus, sometimes I don't... I don't like soft eyes. Who does? Right! Nobody.

Enough of my complainin' Here's the photograph I made today - Banana bread

Today has also been a great day for breaking stuff... My Denon AH-D600 headphones split in the ear cup, one of my light stands snapped and as a result I found myself with a studio light sitting atop a mic stand. Yep. Classy. | NANO2 | NANO2 

Anyways, off to photograph a rolling 60's bar, anyone wants it, it will be on eBay later...