The first surfer

Uncle Davey is up at mum & dad's place for a couple days, he told Sebby he'd take him for a surf - Dave is a very good surfer and, if I had a longer lens, I'd have captured a few better images of him earlier today (he broke a fin going hard) ..anyways, he gathered up Seb and after a quick beach lesson, took him out into some small mush to give it a shot. 

Davey doing some eighties dancing on the waves... #HandsInTheAir

He's been surfing since he was about nine or so, knows what he's doing and loves my kids so I had no hesitation sending my first born out into the depths... Pappy was also standing by for rescue duties - I was too, but it would have meant dumping a 5DMK3 / 70-200 f/2.8IS in the surf (which I was totally up for doing, mind) 

He informs me he was not "aiming for the dude"

Anyways, I've babbled on, here's a quick photo story of Seb's first surf (and my first time on an 8'6" Mal in 20 years... stood up second go!) 

Thanks for reading, you can purchase all the gear I use if you find out what it is and visit a local camera shop, or you could.. err.. not? Happy days!