That wedding last weekend

Privileged to 2nd shoot a wedding with New York based photographer, Amanda Stevens, this weekend gone... I do enjoy the 2nd shooter thing, and being able to hand off raw files at the end and not have a massive edit / delivery is always lovely. Images to follow, some even via the Sony a7 (there's a funny story) 

Meanwhile, a bit of a rejig on the old website, the front page looks a bit different, mostly as there are music photographs I've taken at some point or another in the last ten or so years... Thinking about music photography, I think I'd like to do a little of it again, just thinking. 

Meanwhile, again, I am going to try out making a film with FilmicPro on my iPad for a short film competition that FilmicPro are running (feel free to enter, I'll do badly anyways!) 

My idea for the film I need to make (5 minutes worth) is, you'll be horribly shocked, ready... COFFEE! That's right... Kinda odd idea, as I'm sure it will maybe annoy coffee shops / bean roasters... Maybe it won't and i'll have a clearer view - but anyways, won't share much perchance I chicken out and it doesn't happen. 

Enough meanwhiles and anyways... Leave you with some music and a photographic exclusive, never before seen on the internet (translates to I was lazy enough to not edit it...)

Dave Matthews at Brixton Academy - Photographed him shoulder to shoulder with my best mate. Magic evening. Anyways.