2014 with a rocket...

 Well, not yet, but when I delivered my ailing Rancilio to the team at Coffee-A-Roma yesterday, I found myself lusting after the other silvery beauty in the showroom, the Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium V2 

Would I use it properly? Not sure, would I use it often? Absolutely... 

My Rancilio has developed a nasty italian habit --- Rusting! The chassis has started rusting out which is interesting.. But after she gets a new boiler and a filter / seal (not the large, wet, black kind) kit replacement and a darn good service, she should be fit for a few more cups of black gold. 


My image library is offline right now, so I can't show you my rusty Rancilio, i'll update later on. 

Meanwhile, this image is "Day Six" of my self portrait series... You can find it here