His front teeth...

My little boy went through a biting stage when he was young... I guess a lot of kids do! One morning when I was laying in bed, mostly asleep, I remember it was warm so I was only under a sheet when CHOMP, he'd latched onto my toe! 

I guess it looked interesting and may have been moving, so he thought he'd bite it..  Anyway, he did and I naturally pulled my leg away - long story short, his tooth came straight out and there was blood everywhere. He took it pretty well, worried mostly about which trucks to take to the dentists! Me, I was trying not to pass out with a mixture of hurt, shame, angst and worry... Great in a crisis me, oh yeah...

Anyways, every time I see my little man smile I'm reminded of that morning..  

Step forward to earlier today, Seb and I are out the front and I'm taking some photos for a client's social media, he jumped in front of the camera and gave me a lovely smile!  


Sebastian and his toothless smile. 

It got me thinking - should I worry about it? A few people have said "Oh, the photos will all have him without a tooth!" ...so I popped the picture into PhotoShop, got rid of some of the lunch he'd just had and wedged in a tooth - now, I'm not the best Photoshopper in the world.. I don't use it very often at all [mostly Lightroom is all] ...but, yeah, this happened. ..

Sebastian with less food on his face and more teeth in his mouth..

It was only a couple of days ago that I was reading about a woman's magazine, Verily, that has said "no" to Photoshopped images of people in their magazines, they're opting for the whole real thing - I mean, wait, what? really? ...yes! And I've got to say that I prefer my little man full of character, food scraps and his little missing tooth...   

It's very easy to portray life perfectly here on the internet, but sometimes you've got to keep it real - on both sides of the line ;)