Do you Vine?

Anyone using Vine? Twitter owned, short video sharing app for iPhone. Plus: More going on than that of a single image, fun and easy to express something that takes more than just 140 characters / one word.

Minus: Damn slow to load via your regular 3G iPhone connection whatever.. even via Wifi.. Speed it up, buffer the other videos in the stream, I don't know.. it's almost enough to make me use it less. Almost.

I've posted a couple of videos on Vine recently, nothing life changing. But there are some fun ones up there.

That's my friend Jill, when I say friend, I mean I've never met her, she's a writer from the other side of the world.. I've watched her photographs on Flickr for years, now she posts crazy vids the oft make me chuckle, thanks Jill.

That's a new take on dinner via Vine. Asian Sea Bass... I'm certain my friend Alice would have LOVED the fish head.

You can get Vine on the app store.

Think of the many things you can do with this... A crazy stop motion type thing.... maybe...

...and, um, she doesn't really want to do it in this voice!