The 'seven things about me' award...

The lovely Chrystal over at ChrystalLoveVintage has nominated me in her list for the 'Seven things about me' awards... I'm very thankful to have been chosen! Thanks!

So, as is the case, I'm going to tell you 'seven things' you may, or may not have known about me. Then I'm going to nominate seven of you to be the next victims lucky folk!

As the seven nominated, you might choose to participate, just do what I've done here... Seven things about you, Seven more.... Seven

So, seven things about me...

  1. I have three dads but only one mum
  2. I was once in Humphrey B. Bear
  3. I once did 'The Caterpillar' in front of a boardroom full of people wearing suits*
  4. I pride myself at reversing articulated vehicles
  5. I have a deep fear of children and dogs near roads
  6. I am deeply, deeply sentimental
  7. I know a lot of people, I don't have many actual friends*
This is NOT the caterpillar I was talking about...

The next part of this ol' game is to mention seven people that I'd like to see play along... Seven people that quietly (..or not so quietly) inspire me. These people are mostly going to be photographic types, but don't let that put you off.

  1. Well, wing man, despite distance, Nathan Pask, Photographer
  2. Another amazing photographer and sweetheart, LaRae Lobdell
  3. Another amazing photographer and amazing woman, Deanne Fitzmaurice
  4. Disco Stu, all around nice guy, photographer and web nerd
  5. Tech Queen, Social Princess, Sweet person to boot.. Yvonne Adele
  6. Photographer and inspiration, Katie Kolenberg
  7. Sam Samantha, been a bit obsessed with her work for a long while...

Not really much else to add to this post, Hope you are inspired by the se7en people listed above, hope you're 'more in the know' about who I am, too...

I'll leave you with my current favourite track, Hanging On by Active Child... Currently on constant rotation...

A bonus "something about me" that I've just discovered myself, I like Twinings Assam Bold.. who knew!...