iPhone Five! SO how to get rid of your iPhone 4s

There are many "how to sell your iPhone 3 / 4" lists on the web for those of you considering upgrading to the as yet unreleased iPhone 5, due September 12 (or something...) and I'm one of those potential upgrades - depending on what Telstra offer. I'm upgrading because I've worn out my iPhone 4, the home button takes six presses to get back to 'home' and whilst I know I can get it fixed, and I might, I'm looking to upgrade to a newer faster device as it's something I use daily for work. I'd be very interested to see how many times i'd pressed the home button on my iPhone 4!


Fact: 12 Million phones sit unused in cupboards in Australia.

So, I thought rather than having mine sit in my junk drawer along with the other 4 phones, that I'd devise a handy list to help me, and you, get rid of those unwanted phones....

(Yes, you could donate them to these people, or these people, them, or those guys)

Let me count the ways.

1. You've seen "The Blendtec guy" right?

2. Go to the Zoo and casually lean against the panda enclosure, be sure to leave your phone in your jacket...

3. Though it can be tricky to find, Telstra have a recycle program... true story!

4. Go through the process of being vetted for Apple's product dev team, then take your new, as yet unreleased iPhone and leave it in a bar.... again....

5. Save your phones, ask all of your friends for theirs, make a collection at your local shopping centre (try Doncaster, that's the right kind of demographic) and then, with use of a load of hot glue, make a sculpture and sell it for half a million bucks as *art*

Well, that's it.. I'm out of ideas! Will you upgrade to the new iPhone? Or could you care less? [Or are you one of those weird Android users? - No, this isn't open for discussion]

And as always... Have Nice Day