Six by Six

"The best camera is the one that is with you"

It's true, if you don't have a camera with you, there's no camera that is any good for the job.. But does that mean that an iPhone, or any camera phone, is "the best tool for the job" Well? The only person that can answer that is you.

If the images capture a moment, envoke some sort of feeling when you look at the images, tell a story - then they've served their purpose right? Yeah... I reckon...

I don't have a very good memory, so being able to capture little snaps of all sorts of things is a great thing. Posting them somewhere works, too... My Instagrams mostly all post to Facebook, so that gives me a timeline - and I generally leave location data intact, too, so I know where I was. Sorta like a constant diary or location and event.

Some people are a bit weirded out by adding location data, I think you have to choose your time and place [based on photo content] but generally it's helpful!

Generally, too, the iPhone [or your modern camera phone type thingy] will print 4x6 just fine... I've printed a few images from mine on my home printer [Canon PIXMA iP6700D] and they look great...

A lot of my photos are of coffee, and whilst that annoys some people, I'm not forcing anyone to follow me on Instagram etc, it's just something I enjoy... You can [and I've not done it religiously, but] create albums on Instagram using hash tags... If you put the word #gtvoneCoffee on all of your photos with coffee, then, when you click on that tag within Instagram, you'll see all of the images with that tag... You can use this to group images, print albums from a hash tag or include your images in someone else's search, for example #FromWhereIStand is a well used tag that people use to show where they're standing / their view etc... check it out on INK361 HERE

Some statistics for those of you that are interested, I am interested in statistics - it's part of my job.

I've taken and uploaded 2,301 Instagram photos, they've been *liked* 21,260 times, I follow more people than that follow me 1,058 v 1,639... But does any of this matter? Nah.... it's just me, capturing stuff that amuses me, inspires me or something...

That's it for the 6x6 this week, not many more tips coming to you maybe at some point after today.