Are we tech mad, or does it really make a difference?

I was photographing a wedding at the weekend, a second shooter to my friend Gemma at Iris Creations (Images to follow on my photography site) and, all the while I was thinking "I wish I had a second camera" know the funny thing, I did, but it was the Canon 30D... It still takes a nice photograph, but when compared with the Canon 5D MKII, it really doesn't cut the mustard, and I don't even like mustard! Do you think we've lost love for our older gear as newer gear has shown us something different, or is there a genuine divide, only a couple of years apart?

I know there's a lot of space between a crop sensor 30D and a full frame sensor 5D, but not so long ago, I was very happy with the images from that 30D, and have a handful of images that I love - but now, I hardly even bother to empty the CF card that comes out of it.. Is it just me, am I alone here? Shot below is an iso 800 image from my old 30D.. Gotta love Billy Ocean, right?

...Or am I just being a bit precious? Or am I trying to justify a second 5DMKII?....