But, can you even tell the difference?

I'm going to take six photographs with three different cameras - a total, for those of you that can count, of eighteen images. I'm going to put them in a gallery below, and then I'm going to find some way of allowing you to say which camera you think took which image... Why? I saw an article earlier today by Kenny Kim, he's a great photographer and he's just shot and posted about a wedding he did with an iPhone... Then there's the people that need to have dSLR gear as it's 'all that will do' and as well as that, the compact market (which in my personal opinion has come along in leaps and bounds) is being attacked from both ends - the iPhone and the affordable dSLR closing in... Whilst the whole gallery idea won't prove anything, it may be a bit of fun...

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="6"]

Alright, so who can tell me, without exif'ing them, which image is out of what camera?

iPhone 4 | Sony Cybershot HX20V | Canon 5DMKII & Canon EF f/1.4 50mm