ROI and Social Media... Part Two

So, my little 'fact finding' blog post had some interesting result.. everything from "You should be fired" to "yes, it can be hard, but here's an idea!" [read part one here...]

some good ideas though, and thanks to those of you with input - I may just give a couple of the suggestions a little thought.

I've taken some time out to call a few resellers today to ask them generally what they'd say if I asked them to keep data on people buying products (to help me with the online / offline thing) each of them said the same - if I was in a position to set up a training session for their staff and to put a system in place that made it very easy for stff to facilitate my little request - they'd maybe think about it. That's great, and achievable... But let's have a think about this for a minute...

I put in a system to test a theory, only to find out that putting that system meant that there was a negative return on investment, where there was a positive, albeit small, return on investment previously - does that make it all worthwhile?

I'd like to break your concentration now with a "From the archives" band photo of mine.

Mark King, bass player, photographed by Simon PollockMark King | Level 42 - Taken at iNdigo2 in London on 07 March, 2009 © Simon Pollock

So, should I be taking into account what it costs to measure these result, knowing full well that the measurement structure that I put in place could well fail? Do I simply measure what I can and make a guess based on global analytics numbers? An average, if you will?

Or do I spend my time doing what I do best - making our community feel like part of a massive, fun family of like minded people... (Which once you own a thinkTank Photo camera bag, you are!)

Serious stuff over for the minute. Have you enteres the thinkTank Photo "IN A BAG" give-away? It's free, it's growing daily and it's awesome.