Where's my inspiration at?

There's something great about working in an industry you love, for me, that's photography... I manage social media for photography related companies, I look after support for a large photography forum and I like taking photographs... I'm around photography daily, I have photographer friends, I like looking at other people's photography and listening to how they go about creating it. There's one thing that I suffer from, though, with so much creativity and inspiration surrounding me - and that is that I often don't feel inspired. With headphones in place, I had a think about and made a list of things that inspire me - now I can go forward with a few ideas in my head.

Here's my list...

In no particular order, 1. testing a new photographic related product [Canon D10, Waterproof compact] 2. Photography with my iPhone has made me look for things to photograph more. 3. My small but manic boy, Sebastian! 4. Food, generally. 5. Yes, Coffee, too. 6. Music of most sorts. 7. Photographic friends [In this case, James, inventor of Frio Cold Shoe]