Small things making a big difference...

I have been using BlackRapid camera strap products for a little over a year, I have used pretty much every strap they have, including the doubles and the womens version, too... (don't ask) I've settled on the RS Sport and love the thing... It sits into my body and with the stability strap (that's what I call it, ok) done up is perfectly secure. Blackrapid Camera Strap


Comes with its own little carry bag (as above) that you can easily attach to your camera bag, if that's what you want to do. The R strap range are well built, nothing like some of the other trash I've tried... Thought goes into these things, people wear them and say "no, you should change this" and that goes into the design... That's what I love about companies like Black Rapid, [List at the end] they bother to evolve with the feedback...

BlackRapid Camera Strap

Sturdy hardware, locking clips and decent, strong straps that sit in the right spot and hold your camera out of the way when you want that, and let it swing into the right place when you need it... Smart stuff... The double strap was my weapon of choice for a bit, it was awesome - when I was bothering to use two bodies to shoot music, having one on each side was awesome - simply nothing beats the functionality and convenience of that set-up... except using one camera :-) (plus, one camera means less to edit!)

The R Strap Sport fits in (on) to your body, sort of like its meant to be. It doesn't feel clumsy and annoying, it doesn't grab your jacket (because it doesn't move) and i've certainly not managed to break it! It should be noted though, that a man with flowers and a BlackRapid glove should always be treated with suspicion, unless of course he is also wearing a #SparkleTard

Seriously cool list of photographic companies you should all own at least one item from.