Tiger Woods ball hits photographer Mark Pain [Interview]

I had the chance to catch up with Mark Pain, chief sports photographer for "The Mail on Sunday" for www.thinktankphoto.com You might know Mark as the photographer on the business end of a very bad Tiger Woods drive during the Ryder Cup

Mark is one of many professional sports photographers using Think Tank Photo camera bags and gear. We talk about "that shot" and Mark's gear, how TTP bags help Mark be "ready before the moment" and we also wander into how Mark ended up in photography, which is really interesting. www.thinktankphoto.com | facebook.com/thinktankphoto | twitter.com/thinktankphoto

The MP3 is available for download (If you're going to use it, please link back to this blog post)

You can listen to our 22 minute skype conversation here.


Please go and have a look at Mark's work at www.markpain.com

I hope you enjoy the insight into the photographer that was struck by "The Tiger"