What's this strap for?

A question came in via ThinkTank Photo Facebook "WHat are these straps for" from Robert Vinod... Let me answer that for you, Robert (despite having left one of my straps at work!) The side of your airport TakeOff has a little clip at the top that you thread one part of the wider straps through, this can be however long you require, based on your tripod length - it hangs down as per the photo below and the bottom section with the pouch in your photo clips into it to form a hanger, into which you place the feet of your tripod... (sorry, the hanger part of mine is in another bag at the office!)

Your other straps attach to the lower set of loops on the sides of the bag, and you use those to secure your tripod in to the side of your bag -- I've done an example by using the bottom pouch on the bag to insert the legs of the tripod into, and didn't use the strap - but you can see it attached and, it would clip around the legs if you didn't use the pocket - and secure the tripod.