Milk | Oubliette {a quick review}

Sunday afternoon, a break between work, I had a DM on Twitter (I hate Auto DM's) that said "Review our album" ...I thought, yeah, uhhuh... It's going to be rubbish!

I love being proved wrong.

Track one... William Posters... Guitar attacks your head, followed closely by an almost always tight bass / drum combination (I only say sometimes as I think there's a little bit of overdrumming in this one track) a brilliant vocal from Claire and Adam... The bridge, where the hell's the bridge - there it is... some great bass line / guitar disjunctness (that ain't even a word) but with the vocal over and then swimming into a wave pool of guitar and drums you get taken... powerful, dark and brilliant!

Track two... South Audley Street... "lush vocal layering" ....coming from William Posters into south Audley Street .. it's like the sun coming out when you're sitting in a park with good friends.. There's not really an easy way to describe this track - it's giving me tingles that one of those cool funny looking eBow's on the guitar? that's wild... Claire's voice is magic and the blend with the BV's (or second main vocal from Adam, or.. whichever way you want to see it?) they go together so well... Once, we all had a dream... This is a good one, a real good one...

Track three... Stars and the sea... Dramatic pause, enchanting vocal... another transportational track and then WHACK... it hits me and I'm moving to it without control... music that does this to you, it's so good... there's not a lot of it around, and then as if the scene in the film had changed, we come slowly back down - guitar, a bit of bell (cymbal, not big ben) and you're driving... bass line stepping around the other instruments, filling its place nicely... this song reminds me of many artists and none, all at the same time - perfect - brilliant.

Track four... Oubliette... (Title track) A Dungeon, accessed only via a trapdoor in the top... The energy, oh the energy... A slightly different feel again! the same vocal inspiration, a powerful track with a kick in the stomach of guitar and tribal drumness... then, we go all staccato on yo a**.... then we attack you with a wall of super charged guitar and a snare sound so tight it kills puppies... totally adds a new dimension and feel to these five tracks...

Milk - The Long Division (Acoustic) from Milk on Vimeo.

Track five... The Long Division... Rather than wax lyrical about how good this track is and how it's left me wanting more MILK, very soon... I'd suggest you visit BandCamp and download this for yourselves - put it on your iPod and listen to it, over and over. Tell your friends about it.. Go see these guys...

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Milk is James Pritchard (Drums), Claire Robbin (Guitar, Vocals), Adam Stark (Guitar, Vocals), James Whyard (Bass).

Recorded on an island in the Thames. Mixed in room with no natural light as tube trains rumbled underneath. All songs recorded and mixed by Milk. Artwork by Richard Merrick.