5am never works

So it has begun... I have a nine month old boy whom I love dearly, but I want to list a few ways in which my life has changed... Not complaints, just observations for any potential future fathers that currently enjoy semi-freedom. Let me just explain semi freedom; what I mean is that it's mostly ok to go photograph a band or see a film with a mate... It could be potentially ok to go to a festival to photograph it or even go skiing once in a while (all things with or without better half) anyway, you get the point... Baby changes things, for example, he is currently trying to sweep the floor, I don't know why it is but they never want their toys for very long... Anyway, mum is tired so I get up and pop him on for a feed (on her, not me) and sneak out to check my email in the corner of the back of our courtyard where we're staying... It's amazing having a little poppet, don't get me wrong, but if you think you can sleep with her, watch her give birth and then refrain from all childly responsibility you've got another thing coming.. I didn't ever for once think that and it's still much more hardcore than I expected! But very rewarding, too... One thing I didn't realise was that even at nine months the little monkey was going to have a strong personality and would throw baby tantrums which are like adult ones but a lot louder! See if you can work out what face matched what mood below... (another thing, the face don't always match the mood!!)