Halfgoat | iPhone 4 | Leica | Podcast

I've seen seven lines of people this morning, seven... all of them looking pretty excited about getting hold of the damn iPhone 4 - That was the plan, and TidyGrooves won't let it rest until I have one "Why do you carry all these things around" she said with a look of disdain on her moosh. Well, Heidi, I might just get one... [podcast]http://gtvone.com/audio/halfgoat.mp3[/podcast]

I'll stop rambling... Here's a quick chat with myself, a mashup of the keys Am, G and F... Amazing what songs can come from such basic chords... (Yeah, I sing, sorry) I talk about Shakira, Nina Simone and a great competition from G-Technology Isn't Victoria Williams amazing.. [then I answer the door and it all stops - lucky you]

Sharing a photo with you... I like it... I like lots of things... Lots...

...I lied about the pizza!