iPhone HD launched at WWDC... and...

Well, it's going to be announced at 10am their time - you can watch here'ish but meanwhile, let's speculate about what's going to be included?

Apple always hold back, never showing their full hand to the world, I mean hell - what would they do next year if they did everything now?!

So, here's my list...

  • Coffee Grinding attachment - So many iPhone users drink coffee, makes sense!
  • Special call button for dialling "the future"
  • Instant "where the hell am I" button - shows you, without lag, where you are at the touch of a button.
  • Cash dispenser, for when you NEED that hot dog, but the cart vendor won't take Amex!
  • Mirror function for fashion victims to sort their make-up in.
  • Teleportation functionality.

So, that's my little list, no doubt Apple have all of the above all ready to go, so I need not worry...

But seriously, A front facing camera and a higher resolution main camera and we're away... A much higher capacity battery and some other whizzing and banging... I guess we'll know in a couple of hours!