A Photographic Project, Four Cheeses

I've no idea why, but I was looking at what cheeses are made here in the United Kingdom... Whilst there have traditionally been about 450 varieties of British cheeses, it has been estimated that there are up to 1,200 types.. That's more cheese than you can poke a stick at, or even more cheese then my friend Hannah could handle in one sitting...

So, Let's have a hardcore cheese poll, shall we?

[poll id="3"]

Anyway, enough of that... That's not really what we're here to discuss today, is it... What I wanted to talk about today was total immersion in a subject that eventually drains your creativity because you've seen everything...

I spend a silly amount of time browsing the internet, but mostly working with the internet in some way, shape or form... I consult www.thinktankphoto.com on their social media strategy... I community manage Digital Photography School and I do lots of other random photo related things... Flickr, JPG Mag etc... So, I'm into that sort of thing, but seeing the creativity of people from around the world, day in, day out... it starts to sap you of your own "Oh, I can't shoot that, someone did it last week on Flickr"... etc etc.. Well, I've decided to shut the hell up and get on with shooting some stuff... myself.. again... I'm not sure how / why / for what - but I've started, yesterday.

Ah, yes, so basically I'm going to photograph myself again... To see how I change (in many possible ways) in the next 365 days... (or something) What photographic projects are you working on? Comment below and let me know... inspire me!

Oh, and no, it wasn't a "Project four cheeses" but well, you're used to my randomality... right?