iPhone, iPad, iNeedaCoffee!

Much interweb chatter about the whole "Steve Jobs gave Adobe the bird" "Flash is heavy and slow" ...blah blah blah! Well, Let's take a look at how NOT having flash on your iPod / iPhone / iPad is going to screw your life. iPod from Apple without Flash from Adobe

So, when I say FLASH you say VIDEO when I say FLASH... oh, you get it, yeah... So, flash and video hold hands and skip, that means that you can't watch.. well, YouTube are letting you watch their stuff, and many other commercial video sites are jumping on the wagon as well... So, what video can't you watch? That's right - PORN! don't deny it, you sneak a little bit of the Swedish goodness in from time to time... "everyone" does it... you're just cut that you can't go straight to redtube and... oh, wait, you can... (blushing now) how ruuuude!... So, there you go, you can watch video...

What else? Games? Suck it up game boy, do some work!! Plus, there's a gazillion games you CAN play - let me introduce you to the App Store!


This image came from Cult of Mac and I'm not sure if it is theirs or Adobes, if it is, sorry

OK, so you've got games, porn.. oh, err.. I mean video... you can view pictures, you can listen to music, you can tell the time, check the weather... learn about first aid, check the footy scores, tweet, read the news, call your mum... What's missing? What can't you do on the iPhone / iPad / iPod without flash?

That's right - You can't view FLASH WEB SITES... Well, maybe it's time for some smart cooky to build "an app for that" ...something that, when you go to a flash website, it springs out onto the website, grabs all the flash in its teeth, munches it into html5 on the fly and spits it back onto your poxy little screen in all its ex-flash glory... there's not a flamin' APP FOR THAT yet... (Dave? Get busy)