Find what you have lost...

[podcast][/podcast] I love my music, I love my photography and for the last two years I've been combining those two things in my quest to become a music photographer... Well, I got what I wanted and I've had an amazing time doing it! I wanted to be that guy, the one in the pit in front of the crowd, nothing to distract me from the band, just me and them and my camera and that was that.

The Rushes play Hammersmith

I've decided to give my little project the weekend off, let it out to pasture. I'm done with music photography for a number of reasons and I'm very happy with what I've achieved in the last two years.

My highlights, well... Alice in Chains was special, Metallica was powerful, NiN was sombre, Counting Crows was electric, Dave Matthews Band was invigorating, Lou Rhodes was emotional, U2 was large... The list goes on and on (well, for another 90 or so bands)


What did I learn? Most bands don't even know you're there, PR agencies think they're god and are part of what is wrecking the music industry, You don't need a really good camera but it helps, It's hard to focus sometimes when you're singing, Alcohol and photography are not friends, Photographing festivals is tiring and inspiring and some artists, the ones that do see you, and encourage you and engage you, they're awesome. (There's one like this, I'll be shooting her again - but for the love of it)

Like I said in podcast four, Maybe it's time to check out other areas of photography, I don't like being stuck on the one country road for to long, so maybe it's time to get that baking book that my friend Nicki gave me out and start baking and snapping - though, we already know just how good I am in the kitchen!

Already had one...