Silence that speaks so much louder that words

[podcast][/podcast] This track is 09:26 long. Read slowly.

I love this song, it transports me back about 17 years. I'd just moved to Melbourne and was living with my brother and his wife in Flemington. They had a pretty decent hifi and I remember I used to listen to Shine on vinyl every other day. I still have the record in a box somewhere and I also have a new (old) version that I picked up with the sleeve stickers and posters intact - when / if I ever end up back in Melbourne, I will have a music studio and that poster will go on the wall. If you have $16... Buy the DVD below and sit home and watch it...Hell, light up and zone out - I won't but you can.

Pink Floyd Live in Nassau New York 1990 (Delicate Sound of Thunder) DVD

I can't emphasise just how angry modern music makes me - not all of it, but most of it - no soul, no depth, no actual instruments.

Battersea Power Station Cranes

I have a good friend that loves music but hates Pink Floyd, and that's OK...

There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night And there's dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight And silence that speaks so much louder that words, Of promises broken...

Battersea Power Station

What am I on about? Two things.... Mothers, Don't let your children grow up to be cowboys and certainly don't let them lose the amazing heritage we had in music. and secondly, Pink Floyd are actually my favourite band in the last 35 years and I would do almost anything to photograph them if they made it back together for one more show... almost anything...

The song is over, Off you go... x