Elbow, Significance?

Elbow, Significance can refer to: with purpose and importance For 2009, The most "significant" keyword on gtvone.com was "Elbow" This would be largely due to the fact that I photographed the band in Spain, met Guy Garvey afterwards and generally loved the set they played.

  • The word "Elbow" is used 16 times on my website.
  • Fugitive Motel was my most listened to track of 2009 - According to iTunes, I've listened to it 198 times (make that, now, 199)

This is a photograph of me listening to an "Elbow" track "Fugitive Motel" from my fugitive motel

It's a brilliant track, good for "down" times... (as you can see above)


Lost in a lullaby Side of the road Melt in a memory Slide in a solitude Not ‘til I can read by the moon Am I going anywhere Not ‘til I can read by the moon