Help me get a photo pass - Nickelback

I wrote a quick piece on "how to get a photo pass" a while back, it's had a lot of traffic to it, infact, it's one of the most widely read bits of trash on my blog - "trash god amongst trash" or some such thing... Well, Debbie made a comment last night and I've decided to, as I can't really go out and shoot right now myself, try to help her out - I may fail, but I won't know unless I try, right?

So, To get a photo pass for Nickelback, the first thing we're going to need is a commission of sorts... I have a couple of ideas, here they are;

1. Local Newspaper coverage - Find something unique / Local interest 2. Music magazine - Nickelback, as much as you don't want them to be, are "Band of the Decade"

According to, Nickelback has been declared the band of the decade by Billboard magazine. They have sold more records than any other band from 2000 to 2009, which consists of more than 30 million albums worldwide from the four albums they have released over the decade.

Now, I know a few of the guys that are going to be at this one, they're people that have been shooting music here in London for a long time, they're very good at what they do and they mostly "have it covered" so it's going to be difficult to slot someone in that a. doesn't have any previous experience, b. has not photographed music "from the pit" before and c. doesn't have a commission - but look, if you don't try, if you can't help someone out - what good are you?

Watch this space...