iNQ CHAT 3G and me...

I purchased the iNQ Mini 3G a month or so ago and through a couple of small hiccups am now on to number three - not the phone's fault, a little error on my part and a small mix up by my friend at iNQ Mobile - Anyway, iNQ sorted me out and we've been in contact back and forth on the device and it's great, a cheap and compact phone with many features and a good build quality - combined with the three tariff I'm on and unlimited data, it's perfect... So, I get a call this morning after the UK launch of the new device from iNQ Mobile - THE CHAT - and by the end of the call I've handed over my home address and my CHAT is on its way, she (It will be a girl CHAT) arrives tomorrow (Yes, Saturday) and I'm pretty excited about it, I must say...For now, a picture - tomorrow, the unboxing!


Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 23.07.51