Lou Rhodes - Confirmed!

This exciting news just in from the "Lou Rhodes Camp" "Cool.. You’re down... Won’t just be the first 4 songs this time if you’d like to shoot more?..."

That's lovely! The chance to photograph a musician that I admire for more than the prescribed three songs, no flash - lovely.

The Soulfully Stunningly Sexy Lou Rhodes

I've been on about Lou for a couple of weeks now and if you've not caught up with any of my links, here they are once more...

Lou's previous solo albums include Bloom , Beloved One or on MP3 if you prefer... Then there's The Rain which is a single and Tremble as a single as well... Spoiled for choice, you lot!

From her forthcoming album "One Good Thing" which is due March 14th, 2010... The track "There for the taking"


Listen to Lou's music, relax, enjoy life...