Shalamar - A shadow of their former selves?

I (body) popped along to photograph Shalamar, a Disco group that kicked things off in the 70's, when I was born, and have been body popping their way around the world ever since - basically. I really didn't enjoy the support - Tuning, Timing, and most other things that go along with general musicianship were missing from the pair that were swirling around the stage. The unenthusiastic crowd only waiting for them to leave and for Shalamar to get on with getting on with it... I created a couple of photos of the support - they're below.



Shalamar, Well, I didn't know their stuff "back then" and I didn't recognise it on the night, either. I didn't enjoy the style of music or the delivery. Maybe I wasn't in the mood? Maybe I really don't like rebuzzed 70's disco music - yeah, that's it... Anyway, A handful of images form that performance, I wish them well... more after the jump...

Shalamar | Indigo2

Shalamar | Indigo2

Shalamar | Indigo2

To coin the phrase of someone who got bored and had nothing more to say "That's all we've got time for folks..."

But seriously, I have around 100 Shalamar images, they're all available for purchase - get in touch