The Great Kata Dream Bag Challenge!

Kata Dream Bag Challenge OK, You lot KNOW how much I love my bags... But here's a competition that gives you (and me!) the chance to design and win our "Dream Bag" packed with some awesome kit...

Here's what the peeps at Kata say...

"KATA invite you to design your dream photo bag  and submit it to the challenge. Each bag will be reviewed by a professional

panel of judges. The best design will be selected as the winner, hand built exclusively for the designer and packed full of high-end photo equipment"

I hear you blurt "WHAT pro photo gear?!"...

Canon 5D mk II body

2 Canon Lenses (24-105 EF L IS USM & 70-200 F/4.0 USM)

Gitzo Traveler kit (tripod+ head)

Litepanels MICROPRO

How's that grab you?!... I'd get thinking, if I were you - Hell knows I am!

Where to enter? -> Kata's Dream Bag Challenge