Canon Pro Photo Solutions '09

Today I went along to the Canon Pro Photo Solutions show today for a couple of hours with my mate Nathan. We met (Finally!) Edmond Terakopian and I was able to introduce Nathan to my friend, Estelle, from Canon. We played with the 400mm f2.8 and the 800mm Papping some people from the balcony... We both had our photos taken on Stoner's Ducati... Mine's the SanDisk one and pasky's is one I snapped of him while he was being a tool! (Using the trusty little Ricoh GRIII I might add!) Yeah Baby, Rev me up!

Yeah, Nathan makes that face every time he gets on a bike - trust me, I've seen him at about 200k's an hour!... (Westgate Bridge anyone?) Anyway! Here's mine - I like to look all "Blue Steel" when I'm on someone else' Ducati... Thanks Stoner...[...more]

Yeah man, Number one!

So, After a measured amount of tomfoolery, I spent some time talking to the guys at SanDisk about their new CF cards - the SanDisk Pro - and quite frankly I was dissapointed when they said I wans't able to lick the ice canon until I got the card out... I just wanted ONE! We also visited SnapperStuff (Where we met Edmond and the thinkTANK team) and then we wandered on to check out the rest of the stands (Below) that were in attendance.

SanDisk puts memory in Ice cold Canon

I left Nathan to go have his portfolio looked at by Felix Neill, The Art Director for Wonderland Magazine and Co-Founder of "Blanket" and I went to check out the G11 the S90 and to see if I could slip a Canon EOS 1D MKIV into my pocket... I couldn't... The S90, whilst being a cute little camera with some very nice features is worlds apart from the Ricoh GRIII that I've sadly had to send back today... If I had to choose one on the spot, right now, I'd be taking home the Ricoh (I've played with her for a few days, maybe the Canon would win me after a test? Estelle?)

The Canon S90

That pretty much wraps it up as I had to leave, but first, here's a list of the rest of the good people that were at CPS 2009...

Adobe Systems Animoto Annabel Williams Contemporary Photographic Training Apple Solutions Experts hands on Theatre ASK BBJ Imports Ltd Bogen Imaging Breeze Systems The British Journal of Photography Blurb The British Press Photographers' Association Calumet Photographic LTD Cameras Underwater Colour Confidence DayMen The Flash Centre GFSmith Hahnemuhle FineArt Hasselblad The Image File Indestructible Cases Jacobs Jigsaw Systems Johnsons Photopia LEE Filters Lexar MTA Nik Software onOne Software Páramo Directional Clothing Systems Park Cameras Photo Pro Magazine Photo Training 4 U Profoto Ltd Rosco The Royal Photographic Society SanDisk International Ltd Sennheiser UK Ltd Snapperstuff Studio Decor Swarovski Optik The Societies Tiffen International Ltd Time-Slice® Films Top-Teks Ltd Velmex Wacom Xrite