INQ Mini... Cont'd

So, you guys know how much I love my music.. Well, I've borked my iPod charger (And she who must be obeyed has flogged my other!) and as such am currently without music on the way into work. The Great Combining

INQ-MOBILEAs you ALSO know if you follow me on Twitter, I've picked up one of the cute little INQ Mini 3G social mobiles! Well, I thought, I know, I'll get me a bit of extra memory, whack a few tunes on it and listen away - BUT OF COURSE, I've forgotten my headphones (The ones that come with the device) and I can't use any others... You know why? Because the headphones that come with the INQ Mini have a Mini USB connector.... I understand why INQ took that decision, but seriously... The good will generated by fitting in a 3.5mm stereo jack... VAST! What about incorporation a 3.5mm stereo jack within the USB plug? Or Vice Versa.. Odd, I know...Hey - I could be onto something there!

Anyway, I went searching for alternatives... and it turns out that there are many!

So, we have The T-Mobile Version Then there's Duragadget's Offering or Duragadget's Gold Plated Offering and last, but not least... and the Proporta version.

So yes, many options to turn USB into 3.5mm but not HERE on my desk!

Do you have a device with a non standard audio plug on it? How does that make you feel?