All about the music...

I'm a music photographer, and I'm an appreciator of many (not all) types of music. I received a tweet from a friend of mine last night in response to a tweet I sent.

Here's what I sent.. sent

I was at a gig last night (shock horror!) The show was at the Bedford in Balham, A great venue for sound (despite a gentle light based hum last night) and because of the act, Antonio Forcione, the noise showed through his amazing guitar playing (Video below) Anyway, the lighting at the Bedford is great for an atmospheric gig, it's soft and magenta and red and mirror ball with a black'ish felt backdrop curtain. All of those things make it a horrid place to photograph amazing artists. So, My tweets saying (musically / music was amazing) were basically that, saying I had an amazing night, musically - photographically, it wasn't so hot.

Here's what I received back... jilly

And it made me think about my blog post from yesterday "Should I be doing this a different way" and then, I was thinking (I know, what THE!) again on the way to work this morning "It's not about the money" That's not why I wanted to become a music photographer.. I know plenty of music photographers that make next to nothing - but each one of them, when asked - and I do ask - loves what they do. They're either musical or a lover of music and there's a difference. You can see it when we're all in the pit shooting. "I get chills, and sometimes they're multiplyin"

So, It's not all about the photos, It's about the music first. - And on that note, Here's a hand-held video I shot last night of Antonio cranking out Billy Jean - Michael Jackson.