Tonight - JEFF BECK!

Quite excited, shooting Mr. Jeff Beck this evening, but first I have a whole list of "venue" shots to do for the lovely peeps at Live Nation. 1. Light box on stairwell (one directly in front & one at the bottom of the stairs) 2. Row of light boxes on side of building 3. Various TV screens 4. Toilet door poster 5. Becks Bar (if lit and stocked) from different angles 6. As above for all bars, some with people, some without. 7. Daktroniks 8. Philips screen 9. Stairwell poster (one front on and one of row of frames up one stairwell) 10. Merch area 11. Foyer area

So, I will be busy pre-gig, but looking forward to seeing the guitarist great in action!

I will be uploading from the venue tonight (MiFi Willing!) Via the 3MobileBuzz MiFi that I was meant to give back today (Sorry, Cal!) - Watch this space to see how I get on with that.

MiFi baby!