MiFi? YourFi! We all scream for Wifi

Image3The good folk over at 3MobileBuzz were kind enough to include me in a trial / test / review / get together that I couldn't make it to because of a man and his dog. However, as promised, a shiny little Huawei E5830 has arrived to my desk this morning via DHL and Andy on reception. I tweeted 3MobileBuzz when they mentioned on twitter that they were doing the trials, and as a result - here I am, sitting at my desk with the little silver surfer by my side. I have a few plans, and one of them is happening tonight! I am off out to photograph Jet at the Forum, and want to get my images to press straight after the first three songs.

In addition to the MiFi, I'm taking along a couple ( here and here ) of the CF cards that I will be writing about over the next couple of weeks for dPS - A history of CF based loosely around the great "MegaPixel Wars" Tonight's cards come from the brilliant folk over at DigitalRev. The new Sandisk 100's come out shortly (May even be in some shops already!)

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Sime x