Twitter? Not often!

Most of you are from Twitter, Hello and welcome! Follow Friday is somewhat a tradition amongst some peeps, I'm no exception to that group. I enjoy tweeting and being re-tweeted! Go through the list below, Add the peeps, Tweet the peeps..

Venice, Italy...

Today on TWITTER, I said the following...

@AlanCarr was she humping your leg, Mr. Carr? #followfriday for being the most hilarious, campest man on the planet. #isthataword

#followfriday @demotix : Citizen journalism at its finest...

@MrsBruffy I do darling! Are you PREGNANT yet? :P

#FollowFriday @rhondacallow @digitalps - For contributions to photography, blogging, digital worlds.

Still don't know what love means... Still don't know what love means.... Jolene...

RT @tweetmeme Palio di Siena | World Sport TV

@chrstphrbrwn that makes me feel better... you know where my bread is buttered!

RT @tonymoore1 It's a beautiful day and anything is possible - An artist and a gentleman. #Followfriday - I just died in YOUR arms tonight.

@PicSeshu Thanks - sorry, Should have said... I'm in the UK

@andras101 @jon_read Thank you, Gents. Much appreciated. #photogs #followfriday

@epicwelshman @benjjamieson haha *looks around* EXPERTS - WHERE!

@nicktheguitar ha! Brilliant... how so? LiveStream? (I can't spell it either) #followfriday for crazy answer!

LOL... FInally, a photo that people like!... Bloody Venice...

DUE to RENEW my CAMERA INSURANCE... Thoughts, People? (Currently with E&L) Need to pay less.

@xxloverxx @epicwelshman see - that's what I would have thought.. well, the Nikon or the Canon... but, Sony? HEY! you two... #FOLLOWFRIDAY

@epicwelshman Haha!.... Yeah, who would have thought!! may I add - RM -FR* Sony Lens.

@Laraine09 oh la #followfriday la! What are you wearing? I love saucy heels at the minute... bright colors and amazing heels!..

@_disco of *THE* website! - DiscoTek cops another #followfriday for matesmanship

@Vulavox HEY - there she is... Oh, I think I owe you a #followfriday for being the best damn voice in the country! #cashpointssuck!

"TIPA Worlds best photography gear" is very advantageous, isn't it... "Best Expert Lens" - Sony 70-400mm f4.5-5.6??...

What are you doing? Me? I'm reading the July '09 Photography Monthly..

@digitalrev thanks guys - you too!

@technex I waited but the call never came. So, instead I washed my car using a kettle and the dish cloth... your BG deserves a #followfriday

@JillM12 Well, clearly it's about my crazy singing photog buddy @helenboast haha.. infact mwa ha haaaa oh, and you two #followfriday aceness

@HelenBoast we should get in touch and do a shoot for him at home... make him sing to us!

@PAImages if only I could submit / shoot for you :-( Well, #followfriday anyway! YAY!

@HelenBoast oh dear... Did you shoot Billy at Indigo2?...

GET out of my dreams and INTO my car...

RT @journalismnews :: Kate Day takes communities editor role at Telegraph - Yeah! @kate_day well done. via @addthis

I'd like to offer a #followfriday to the good people @digitalrev

@chilliupnorth thanks. Hey I didn't get a chance to do our "amazingly awesome upcoming @beermerchants setup" last night! today maybe!

@sammm123 yep... so much I've not gone through... !! - Venice, Italy.

"16. Taken: Terrapin, W14 From: giles powell" - WHAT!?

@itscassieduh explain yourself.

@JillWrites I'd like you to be able to, too... xx #followfriday for you jilly

@mariahashe how much do I mean to you? - You're right, I have no idea....!! #followfriday

@KellyDivine #FOLLOWFRIDAY - You Go Kel!... (And follow me back already!) :P

@_disco same reason I was....

@problogger @jadecraven Oh, he'll be the subject of many videos JC. Not sure yet - Who can ever tell!

@pearsonmark haha... Oh dear... #followfriday helped me find you and I laughed straight away, that's a good thing, right?

#followfriday - @problogger - as he's going to make me some good bbq when I'm back in Australia ;-)

@wearesocial I am Simon (too) I am (also) Social!

How does that GRAB you?