Bass Players of the world unite

I'm a bass player, have been for ages, I play a Musicman Stingray four string bass and also have an acoustic Washburn four string which I love. I wanted to pool together a couple of images of Bass Players for you, that I've taken and appreciated whilst they played. my little corner... and my musicman

Why am I a bass player? No idea, I loved the way it looked when I was 8, so I saved and saved and got one - A $140.00 Emporador Fender P copy... I played it and played it and played it... (I didn't have an amp then) I've had a few different instruments between then and now, and now I play through an amp, it's a Phil Jones with an external cab - it's an 8x5" That means it has eight five inch speakers, that may seem silly, and, to look at you would think it is - when you hear it, you're tone changes (And so does its)

This be her... rocking out...

Well, this post is about paying tribute to some of the bass players that I have photographed in the last year... So, let's start with the most recent, shall we? (After the jump, folks)

Adam and his Warwick


Rob Trujillo - Metallica

Sonisphere UK

Benicassim Festival 2009 | Day One


Andrew Levy | Brand New Heavies

Sonisphere UK

bridged:assignmentI love the sound of my MusicMan yet, she's not been out of her case for months... I just don't get to play her like I'd like to in the one bedroom place in which I live - no space, small big amp kills small children and ten yards. Are you a musician?

Do you want to be photographed looking HARDCORE? - Please get in touch and we'll work something out... simon [ @ ] gtvone [ . ] com