Nikon D300s - M.L.O.R*

I'm "well known" for being a Canon camera addict... I've been Canon ever since the A5, A .9mp compact camera that I loved! Then the IXUS300, The Powershot Pro1, The Canon 30D the Ixus 40, The Ixus 65 then the 900is and now the Canon 5DMk2... You can see it's been a long, expensive love affair! Well, I dropped a bomb shell yesterday, I actually said that I'd DITCH my Canon kit if Nikon called up and offered me two of their new D300s cameras, one with the new 70-200f2,8 lens on and another with the 24-70f2.8 on her.... The liklihood of that actually happening is about -3 so, I have no fear that I'll have a whole new menu system to get to know and love in the next couple of weeks! And, really, It would be in their best interest to get me them out today - With shooting Metallica on the weekend, it'd be the ideal time!- You can listen to the podcast from Nikon USA on the new gear released yesterday RIGHT here...[podcast][/podcast]

Mr. Nikon with his 70 - 200 f2.8

[Taken from my dPS Press Release] It's a very nice looking camera with all the features you'd want... The Nikon D300s with its in video auto focus whilst shooting HD (720p) video, Faster 7fps continuous shooting speed and a 51 (um?! I have 9!) point auto focus system all mated to the 12.3Megapixel DX sensor. Feature packed this camera is (Says Yoda?) and, I guess we will see given time if it is that match for the Canon 5D Mk2 (My current baby) This Nikon D300s is targeting serious amateurs and professionals that want to take a bit of video from time to time.

Nikon's new baby with her Battery Grip

So, Nikon, Get in touch! You up for a challenge!?... ;-)

*Momentary Lapse of Reason?