Shooting a festival? With what!

Washington Square...So, I went into a little spin yesterday and realised that I didn't actually have the kit I needed for the festival that I have coming up next week. I will usually take two bodies to a gig, one for a longer lens, one for a wider lens. I wonder though, is that just indulgent? I mean, It's not like I'm shooting for commissions, I shoot for myself / press sometimes / promoter sometimes and I think I could get the shots with one camera. So, anyway, I had this spaz off yesterday and tried to hire a 70-200mm f2.8 IS and a 17-40mm ...but then, upon chatting to many many hire companies I was horrified to learn that nobody had one in stock! - I tweeted a few times and a friend came to the rescue with the offer to loan his lens - thanks Kev. Well, I wandered home and @bigcrustyape popped in last night with his mum... He and I talked shoots, the women talked babies... I decided that I am taking two bodies, the Canon 30D and the Canon 5D Mk2 (My main squeeze) and, in that case, I will take the 10-22mm for the 30D and I will have the 70-200 for the 5D Mk2.... LONG and WIDE! An example of a long shot at a concert might be something like this... Dave Matthews Band

and.. an example of a wide shot may be something like this... 10cc | Indigo2 London

Now, the Canon 30D may not have a super ISO rating and anything over about 800 in the right light is starting to look pretty darn grainy, but during the day for big, sweeping festival crowd shots - I think it will be OK... It's amazing how "bad" something becomes when we get and use something "better" - What am I on about? Well, I used to shoot music stuff with the 30D 100% of the time, now I use it very infrequently because of how good the 5D Mk2 is, it makes me think the 30D is a sub standard camera, but, it's not. (My shaking hands don't help, but hey)

So, My kit list for the 2009 Benicassim festival will be as follows...

Canon 5D Mk2 - With battery grip Canon 30D - With battery grip Canon 10-22mm ef-s f3.5 Canon 50mm f1.4 Canon 24-70 f2.8 Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS Canon 100-400mm f4.5 IS

Two sets of batteries for the Canon 5D Mk2 - Thanks to Three sets of batteries for the Canon 30D, again, thanks to the guys at Manfrotto 190XProB Tripod for those sweeping beach shots at 6am when everyone else is asleep on the sand... MacBook Pro to edit / upload / modify / surf / tweet / etc! Many Sandisk 4GB Extreme III CF Cards Filters, Cleaning kit, Chargers, Cables, USB Keys, Water! thinkTANK Streetwalker HD camera bag to fit everything in! (And maybe my thinkTANK SpeedRacer for little trips out)

I am very much looking forward to shooting Benicassim 2009, Very much...

Sime x