Miss a trick

I had a gig today and yesterday, Hop Farm Festival, but I've not been able to make it. I've had so much on and none of my regular photographers were available to cover it, so, I've had to notch it up as a fail. Hop Farm festival would have been a great shoot, a good atmosphere (from all reports) with friendly people listening to good music and eating good food. I don't like missing gigs that I've requested a pass to, It doesn't send a good message to the promoter and, depending on their mood, you won't get a pass again.

I just wanted to throw that out there - has anyone had an experience whereby they've missed a gig and been slated by a promoter?

I have been noting down performers that I'd like to photograph... I have this mental list in my head and on to it, today, I have added Sting... I mean, most of Britain can't stand the guy but I'm really not sure why? I've been a fan of Sting since I was about 18... I recall buying The Dream of the Blue Turtles as my first Sting album and listened to it over and over on my older brother's cd player - this is when I was living in Flemington with him after I had just moved out of home. I used to sit out on the front gate and have the speakers outside - listening to the cd in the cool evening. I have pretty much every Sting CD ever made - sad fact though, is that they're in a box in my parents house in Australia... I am downloading for personal use a copy of Dream of the blue turtles to take me back to those times - I can't take YouTube with me everywhere I go. So, anyway, I'd like to photograph sting... Live ideally, but if I could photograph Sting in his studio, well... Magic

A Brilliant quote "A short clip from "Bring on the night" doc....Love this song..The chord progression is like eating a fat piece of cheesecake... "

I have just realised something. I know why I love photographing live music - because I am not confident, so, when I'm photographing someone up close and personal I'm always worried that they're going to ask to see the viewfinder on my camera and see that I may have taken one or two bad shots.... How stupid.... I am going into Sony studios tomorrow night to photograph an artist that's due, shortly, to release his debut Sony branded CD.... It's not live, He could indeed stop recording and come and want to see the photos and this makes me nervous. Weird huh?

It's OK, I'm working through it.

I'm currently editing a video of the "Behind the Scenes" of a recent fashion shoot I assisted on, it's very cool to be able to sort of go back and look at how we all worked together, how the photographer interacted with the model and so on. I've placed a short clip of the piece below....

Speaking of working, I've got a kitchen to clean! - See you all tomorrow.

Sime x