'Ten' by ThinkTankPhoto and Lexar

Think Tank Photo in conjunction with the fine folk at Lexar Media are running a nifty little competition! 

Round One

1. Choose your most awesome photo [awesome to you, no specific topic]

2. Email it in to us at spollock@thinktankphoto.com [please don't make it huge - 1000px max please]

3. We will select TEN people from the photos submitted to go through into round two!

Round Two

1. The ten from round one will receive an 8gb Lexar 600x memory card in a custom Pixel Pocket Rocket


2. You will need to shoot with that card for a day or two, as many or as little images as you like (shhh! Don't tell anyone how many!)

3. Let us know how many images you put on the card. [We will contact you]

Here's how it works!

There will be a public 'Guess' at how many images, collectively, were taken by our TEN. That winner will win a bag of their choice (excluding the Logistics Manager, sorry!) from the ThinkTankPhoto website... AND an 8GB 600x Lexar Memory card!

One of the TEN will have her or his image chosen as our winner, and will also win a bag of her or his choice and an extra 8GB 600x Lexar Memory Card!

That's it - dead simple!! Get your images in quickly folks!!

Make sure you're following LEXAR MEDIA and THINK TANK PHOTO on Twitter for updates!


FINE PRINT: We don't want your copyright, we only need your permission to display images as part of the competition. Some images submitted may be randomly chosen to be featured on our 'social media' pages including Facebook, Twitter, Blog [coming soon!] and website - if you would prefer not, please say so! [We will always credit / link a photo used where possible]







Think Tank Photo | Airport Security

ThinkTankPhoto create camera bags that will blow you away... Stuff that doesn't need introduction, commands a cult following and generally outlasts the people that purchase it... That said, each time I travel, I put my gear in my 'carry on' choice of bag for that trip, be it the Retrospective 20, the Streetwalker HD or even my Airport Takeoff... I've not really ever put my gear in my 'checked'  luggage... Well, this trip [tomorrow morning, 11am folks] to San Fran, I've acquired the Airport Security and plan on changing that... My gear is insured, and I'm only taking my Canon 5DMKII, 24-70, 70-200 and some 'stuff' but I've packed it and my clothes for a week in my Airport Security and plan on checking it... The bag is bomb proof, it has TSA approved locks, it is a normal looking 'wheely bag' for those not in the know... Before we go any further, if you're in the US and you're after ThinkTankPhoto gear, please use this link to get yourself an extra special something at checkout when you spend fifty bucks or more!

I removed all the dividers and, like many of you, went to grab a coffee and think about how to put them back in to best serve my needs - this is what I came back to... [most amusing, Seb]

I decided that I'd put a divider half way down, then pack my clothes in the lower half of the bag, my camera gear and 'stuff' in the top section... I have jeans, shirts, tees, socks and boxers for seven days, and a couple of spares for office water cooler accidents! Then in the top I sectioned off the top square with the battery grip of my 5DMKII down in the rut, lens (24-70 f/2.8) facing inward... Sectioned off, I've put the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II in the top section, both main bits of gear have sufficient padding over them to hold them in place should the bag fall from the hold at 30,000ft... (I have only used the padding that you would get by default with the bag)

You might notice there's a Lens Changer 35 in there, too... It has two chargers, three power cables, two batteries and my belt (I hate beeping through security and having to take it all off, baby) below that, there's the 70-200 under the padding, to the left is my Custom Pixel Pocket Rocket (Skull, uh huh) and my Holga dSLR lens tucked in beside my 5DMKII / BGe6 / 24-70 f/2.8 w/ hood reversed... Then clothes, and 'stuff' in the lid including a spare Lexar card for my Sony, business cards, spare batteries for the Canon an Orbis lens cloth, A spare Frio and my remote...

Then, to the left, there's what I'm going to carry on as I want to take my 17" MacBook Pro - the Streetwalker HD. There are a few extra modular and skin components in there, too... You can see the Skin Chimp Cage at the bottom of the bag, the Skin 50 sitting on top of the Skin Double Wide... I have my iPad in the double wide, I've got my deo, tooth brush, shaver and a couple of USB cables along with my NEX5, slrMagic 28mm f/2.8 lens and the Sony 18-55mm f/notsure ...then in the 50 I've got a G-Tech external drive and... err... some socks I think?!... Yeah, so that's how I'm going to roll, to San Fran, and did I mention I'm frikking excited to be visiting the head office!!

I want to leave you with a song, special lyrics form a friend of mine - this is how she feels about my trip... pretty hilarious!!

*Sung to "Have I Told You Lately" by Rod Stewart...or Van Morrison...oh yes!

Have I told you lately that I'm jealous? Have I told you there's no one else this jealous of you? You fill my heart with green-ness Take away all my keen-ness Keep me troubled - that's what you do.

For the morning San Fran in all it's glory Meets the day with an Aussie and his brew You fill my life with laughter, but that can't make it better... Keep me troubled - that's what you do.

There's a pic less defined And it's yours but not mine Of the San. And at the end of the day, You should give thanks and say, I'm the One, I'm the One!

Have I told you lately that I'm jealous? Have I told you there's no one else this jealous of you? Fill my heart with green-ness Take away all my keen-ness Keep me troubled - that's what you do!

Fill my heart with green-ness Take away all my keen-ness Keep me troubled - that's what you do!

Think Tank Photo | Think Tank Thursday

It's Thursday eve here in Santa Rosa* and it's time we ran #ThinkTankThursday again, right?! Someone asked on Twitter last night, what bag would suit a body, a couple of smaller lenses and an iPad - the Urban Disguise 35 v2.0 would, was my reply, so I thought heck - let's give one away!

Answer the poll below and leave your contact details as a comment for a shot at the title.

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ThinkTankThursday is here again!

We're back with another #ThinkTankThursday [July 28] This week, you could snag a ThinkTankPhoto Airport UltraLight camera bag!

The challenge is simple!

How would YOU advertise the thinkTANK Photo website on your website / blog / in a photo / in a video?

Link back to your efforts on our Facebook page - Make sure you use #ThinkTankPhoto in your post! If you don't have a Facebook account, you can TWEET @ThinkTankPhoto your entry, or post a link below in the comments. Just make sure you tag your tweet and your entry #ThinkTankPhoto

What do I mean? Well ...You could create an amusing photograph like this!  (You could build a ThinkTankPhoto Castle out of chocolate, just get busy!)

A ThinkTankPhoto Castle

for example! And make sure you have #ThinkTankThursday in your entry!

Entries close Monday August First, Aus Eastern Standard Time at 5PM - Winner Announced at 7PM on Twitter / Facebook.

This competition is nothing to do with Facebook, and is valid where allowed by law.




Oh Look! It's #ThinkTankThursday

This week for #ThinkTankThursday we're going to ask you to try something different! Pop over to our website and have a quick look at our range [ here ] and tell us below what YOU think is missing from our line up, what bag could you see as a great addition that we don't already make?

This week the prize for a random drawn answer is... [you'll have to wait and see!]