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The short walk home

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"Richmond is so culturally rich" 

I met Julie earlier and was talking with her about art and Richmond and photographing people in the street, nice to chat to you, Julie. People are only strangers until you talk to them. 

My journey back, earlier, incorporated a bit of this...

A short walk home punctuated with interesting people you've never met, the man from NZ who is living in Wales (I'm sorry, your name it escapes me!) running into Peter! Always good to see you, and chatting with you, Julie.

"People are only strangers until you talk to them" - Kate. 

Today, it's cold...

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This was almost a lifetime ago, but damn it reminds me of good times! On the hill with David, Tom, Pasky, Jodes, Michelle, Amber -- #Utah 2009. #SnowBasin

Posted by Simon Pollock on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today we're talking about something cold and something hot. 

Cold, that's the video above, snow shenanigans from 2009... What a fun crew that was! Something hot, that's the fresh loaf that Kelsey is holding, below. Reunion & Co, my local, have allowed me to photograph their staff (they use the photos on Instagram, too) which is quite fun.

My admission is that I'm actually quite nervous about photographing people I don't know in a one-on-one kinda scenario... What freaks me is "Will they like the photo?" Kelsey didn't want her photo taken (hell, who would, really!) and so adding in a barrier between her and the camera, in this case the pass / servery, made it a little easier to take. It's especially scary at the moment as I've been using my beloved Sony a7 with a Fotodiox Vizelux EF adapter and any of my current lenses on the end of it. The one below was with a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens... What's scary about that? Well, sometimes I nail focus, sometimes I don't... I don't like soft eyes. Who does? Right! Nobody.

Enough of my complainin' Here's the photograph I made today - Banana bread

Today has also been a great day for breaking stuff... My Denon AH-D600 headphones split in the ear cup, one of my light stands snapped and as a result I found myself with a studio light sitting atop a mic stand. Yep. Classy. | NANO2 | NANO2 

Anyways, off to photograph a rolling 60's bar, anyone wants it, it will be on eBay later...

Baby Animals, Superjesus and Tequila Mockingbyrd play Melbourne

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I don't really have much to say about the gig, though it was the first time I'd seen Tequila Mockingbyrd play live, they were pretty good - well worth a listen if you can find them playing / buy their EP 

Superjesus were quite good, they're not what they were like when I saw them many many years ago, but they still have a certain something that I love and I do have a  bit of a fancrush on Sarah... 

Baby Animals, as ever, brilliant performance, good sound... 

All in all a good gig. 


Tequila mockingbyrd - Hifi Bar Melbourne

Tequila mockingbyrd - Hifi Bar Melbourne

Sarah McLeod - Superjesus - Hifi bar Melbourne

Sarah McLeod - Superjesus - Hifi bar Melbourne

Sarah McLeod and her SG

Sarah McLeod and her SG

That last photograph was previously unreleased... (That mostly translates to "I didn't like it the first time I looked at it, but now I do, even though the focus is on Sarah's guitar..." ) 


Country life

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A journey back from 'up north' via the country... 

The photographs are of around a small town called Tilba Tilba on the NSW coast, south of Sydney. Central Tilba is a small but thriving arts community. River Cottage is being filmed in Tilba and you can also find stunning beaches in Mystery Bay and Bermagui, nearby. 

Read more about Tilba here.