Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 7 : User Generated Content

I hesitated to share this one. I want to stress something to you...

"We never automagically have the right to use someone's work, photos, music, video, or commercial gain, or otherwise, in 99% of cases"

There are things like fair use, but I'm not a lawyer, so you'll need to consult someone else if you'd like to know more about that. I'm going to do my best over the next few days to find out if me having my music on in the background is considered fair-use, I will report back. 

The short answer is that NO I can't use these songs, even as they're playing while I'm recording, I think I'm outside of what's called "incidental inclusion" and so I won't be l,eaving the wireless on in the next episode. (it's a fine line, and I'd rather be on the right side of it... #example101 ) 

If you're interested...

  • "Incidental inclusion – there is no copyright infringement if copyright work is incidentally included in an artistic work, sound recording, film or broadcast (so-called 'passing shot' use). However if music is deliberately included in a work (e.g. playing on a radio included in a scene in a film) its inclusion cannot be said to be incidental" 

So 'user generated content' is a bit of a tricky and intricate topic, so this is a brief ramble, we'll go over different parts of it, as they may apply to you, in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, as it's Friday, here's a peaceful scene of an ocean up in QLD, just look at it and relax.