Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 9

Yes, episode 9, the one that comes after 8...

Today we answer Etty's question "Do brands pay for social media content" and we touch on GDPR (link below, as per my utterance in the podcast) then we considered talking about Influencers some more, but stopped ourselves... 

Here's that GDPR link - Click


Don't just hit return... Read the fine print! 

A quick (partially stuffed) timelapse that ends in disaster - I didn't use the right tools, rushed it, wrecked my piece of timber, binned the little project. C'est la vie, as they say... I'm loving the FreeFlySystems Movi, though. (Just remind me to lock my exposure, would you...) Music

So, use the right tools! 

Hootsuite Free (No, this isn't an affiliate link) 

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