Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 8 : It's all too hard!

Well... It isn't, but it can be, but it isn't. 

Hit play on tape... (small note, audio is all crazy this week, you'll be ok.. the cricket is real and no, you couldn't hear the ocean!) 


What am I on about? "User Generated Content" Where to find it, how to get it etc... I agree it can be tricky when you're starting out! So, here are two quick tips for finding UGC...

User-Generated Content - What is it again?

"User Generated Content is defined as any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors or, using a better term, fans. It can refer to pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets, blog posts, and everything in between and is the act of users promoting a brand rather than the brand itself." (Well said, Tintup)

1. Setup a Google Alert for your brand/name/product.

How? Go Here -

2. Setup a Feedly account (Start for free) subscribe to topics that are of interest to your audience, share them.

How? Go Here -


Making content yourself is easy enough, and while I said we'd look at that in the actual podcast, I've changed my mind... We'll dedicate a whole podcast to that! 

Two other obvious ideas that will help you find UGC are to make sure you keep a solid track of who interacts with your content, who is commenting on your page, who owns your product etc, and when they comment or like a post, you reply and encourage them to share their work on your page, to share a behind the scenes (obviously if it's applicable to your market!) 

The second is that you could perhaps find some (one or two to start) of the people that are interacting with you, see if they're interested in getting a sample of your product (or, you know, whatever..) and for them to leave a review online, or to post photos online - this doesn't work for everyone, but it might work for you! Next time you're doing your ordering, add a couple extra in, write them off to marketing and do your best to make some noise with them! 

Right, enough for now... Some shout outs... Al and Cindy! - Al Diaz, a friend and photojournalist at the Miami Herald had collected his 15 bits of content and then was over excited and posted them all at once! Good job, Al, you're headed in the right direction. (A worthy post, congratulations, Al!

Al also had a question, which we'll share on Facebook this evening... 

"Here's the question; can I post an image on facebook showing identifiable faces in public view using product related to my affiliates along with hash tags and links to where the item can be purchased but have no model release? Is there a risk for a company if someone wants to sue for seeing themselves in a photograph or video on social media and not getting compensated." 

An interesting one, and one I'll have to take advice on. (I have a common sense answer, but not an "I'm a lawyer, so I know this is right!" answer) Thoughts in the comments...