Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 5 : Those content ideas I mentioned!

You wanted some content ideas, you got 'em... 

But first a rendition of Happy Birthday for my Bro-in-law (Here's his live vid I spoke of)

1. BTS Stuff
2. Product Highlights
3. UGC / User Generated Content
4. Positive anecdotes, something funny or inspirational
5. A recurring theme (As opposed to a Recurring Dream)
6. How-to series
7. The regular bumpf! Meme's, Quizzes and Infographics, along with a giveaway?

Listen to the podcast for the low-down on the above points. 

LINKS from today's plodcast...

Woodworking Inspiration: Elite Tradie Anthony

Where I get my coffee: Cafe Azul Richmond

A random photo of water from ten years ago... (Yep, you guys get ALL the good stuff)