Ad Manager vs Boosting a Post and Metallica?

Ey Up! Welcome back, folks… Podcast this week coming to you via the RodeMic Podcaster, and some hot water.

Here’s those links I mentioned: Ad Manager Basics They’re both in the same sort of place on Facebook, the how-to and the starting-out bits about ‘Ad Manager’ so we’ll stick with one link.

Here’s that little light I mentioned, the LitraPro

  • 1200 Lumen / 675 Lux @ 1M / 75 Lux @ 3M

  • 95 CRI / Full Spectrum LEDs. No green spike. Enhanced Red Spectrum

  • Adjustable color temperature 3000K - 6000K

  • Waterproof up to 90 feet

  • Bluetooth control


Here’s what I’m up to in my #manshed

How many hashtags would a hashtag hash if a ha... Yeah, podcast 11!

The answer is 30, but really? You have 30 relevant hashtags for that little piece of content? Well, ok then. 

Here's that mug I was talking about... Thanks, Sony!

Here's that mug I was talking about... Thanks, Sony!

Homework! Tag me in a post on social me-dia, show me you know your salt from your pepper #hashtags 

Question? -> Comments!

Shall we have coffee? (And by that I mean, should I have coffee and think of you during the next podcast?) 

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The Social Media Podcast without all the jargon... podcast 10

Kinda funny to me, so many agencies and people managing basic social media requirements come up with so many shiny names for stuff! Anyways, that's a digression...

Here's podcast ten, it's half as long (Sorry, Lee.. geez) as the last one in celebration of reaching ten podcasts on my own. 

Oh, yeah, I may sing a little social media ditty at the end, sorry about that...

Here's a random photograph of me out creating content...


Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 9

Yes, episode 9, the one that comes after 8...

Today we answer Etty's question "Do brands pay for social media content" and we touch on GDPR (link below, as per my utterance in the podcast) then we considered talking about Influencers some more, but stopped ourselves... 

Here's that GDPR link - Click


Don't just hit return... Read the fine print! 

A quick (partially stuffed) timelapse that ends in disaster - I didn't use the right tools, rushed it, wrecked my piece of timber, binned the little project. C'est la vie, as they say... I'm loving the FreeFlySystems Movi, though. (Just remind me to lock my exposure, would you...) Music

So, use the right tools! 

Hootsuite Free (No, this isn't an affiliate link) 

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Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 8 : It's all too hard!

Well... It isn't, but it can be, but it isn't. 

Hit play on tape... (small note, audio is all crazy this week, you'll be ok.. the cricket is real and no, you couldn't hear the ocean!) 


What am I on about? "User Generated Content" Where to find it, how to get it etc... I agree it can be tricky when you're starting out! So, here are two quick tips for finding UGC...

User-Generated Content - What is it again?

"User Generated Content is defined as any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors or, using a better term, fans. It can refer to pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets, blog posts, and everything in between and is the act of users promoting a brand rather than the brand itself." (Well said, Tintup)

1. Setup a Google Alert for your brand/name/product.

How? Go Here -

2. Setup a Feedly account (Start for free) subscribe to topics that are of interest to your audience, share them.

How? Go Here -


Making content yourself is easy enough, and while I said we'd look at that in the actual podcast, I've changed my mind... We'll dedicate a whole podcast to that! 

Two other obvious ideas that will help you find UGC are to make sure you keep a solid track of who interacts with your content, who is commenting on your page, who owns your product etc, and when they comment or like a post, you reply and encourage them to share their work on your page, to share a behind the scenes (obviously if it's applicable to your market!) 

The second is that you could perhaps find some (one or two to start) of the people that are interacting with you, see if they're interested in getting a sample of your product (or, you know, whatever..) and for them to leave a review online, or to post photos online - this doesn't work for everyone, but it might work for you! Next time you're doing your ordering, add a couple extra in, write them off to marketing and do your best to make some noise with them! 

Right, enough for now... Some shout outs... Al and Cindy! - Al Diaz, a friend and photojournalist at the Miami Herald had collected his 15 bits of content and then was over excited and posted them all at once! Good job, Al, you're headed in the right direction. (A worthy post, congratulations, Al!

Al also had a question, which we'll share on Facebook this evening... 

"Here's the question; can I post an image on facebook showing identifiable faces in public view using product related to my affiliates along with hash tags and links to where the item can be purchased but have no model release? Is there a risk for a company if someone wants to sue for seeing themselves in a photograph or video on social media and not getting compensated." 

An interesting one, and one I'll have to take advice on. (I have a common sense answer, but not an "I'm a lawyer, so I know this is right!" answer) Thoughts in the comments...


Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 7 : User Generated Content

I hesitated to share this one. I want to stress something to you...

"We never automagically have the right to use someone's work, photos, music, video, or commercial gain, or otherwise, in 99% of cases"

There are things like fair use, but I'm not a lawyer, so you'll need to consult someone else if you'd like to know more about that. I'm going to do my best over the next few days to find out if me having my music on in the background is considered fair-use, I will report back. 

The short answer is that NO I can't use these songs, even as they're playing while I'm recording, I think I'm outside of what's called "incidental inclusion" and so I won't be l,eaving the wireless on in the next episode. (it's a fine line, and I'd rather be on the right side of it... #example101 ) 

If you're interested...

  • "Incidental inclusion – there is no copyright infringement if copyright work is incidentally included in an artistic work, sound recording, film or broadcast (so-called 'passing shot' use). However if music is deliberately included in a work (e.g. playing on a radio included in a scene in a film) its inclusion cannot be said to be incidental" 

So 'user generated content' is a bit of a tricky and intricate topic, so this is a brief ramble, we'll go over different parts of it, as they may apply to you, in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, as it's Friday, here's a peaceful scene of an ocean up in QLD, just look at it and relax. 


Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 6 : The dark arts of working alone

Depression, Anxiety, General mundaneness, they're all very real things that people who are generally always alone, a.k.a. the solo-worker that may have come from a job where they had people around them, can fall victim to... Today I'm handing out some minor, general, ideas that have helped me. 

Have a listen, leave your thoughts in the comments. 

A note, the songs I was listening to in the background today were 'Apart' by The Cure and 'Behind Our Eyes' by Karine Polwart - I'm quite sure you can find them on Amazon if you want.

Not even kidding, starting your own small business and working alone can take its toll

Not even kidding, starting your own small business and working alone can take its toll

Mental Health is a thing, and until I started talking about it with people (Thank you, Randy, you're a gem of a man) and realising that it has its evil dark grips on many people, did I start to get more of an idea as to what I was dealing with and then finding a road back... These tips might be a help to making sure you don't get to the harmful bits of anxiety, or, you know, whatever - hope they help. 

Also, a note, I said "Especially With Blokes" when suggesting we don't talk about this stuff enough, I realise that I actually have no data on blokes vs women who talk about this stuff, that's more of a "How I feel, based on my friend circle interactions" comment. 

Rambling, have a great day. If you want to chat or catch up for a coffee, you know where to find me. 

Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode 5 : Those content ideas I mentioned!

You wanted some content ideas, you got 'em... 

But first a rendition of Happy Birthday for my Bro-in-law (Here's his live vid I spoke of)

1. BTS Stuff
2. Product Highlights
3. UGC / User Generated Content
4. Positive anecdotes, something funny or inspirational
5. A recurring theme (As opposed to a Recurring Dream)
6. How-to series
7. The regular bumpf! Meme's, Quizzes and Infographics, along with a giveaway?

Listen to the podcast for the low-down on the above points. 

LINKS from today's plodcast...

Woodworking Inspiration: Elite Tradie Anthony

Where I get my coffee: Cafe Azul Richmond

A random photo of water from ten years ago... (Yep, you guys get ALL the good stuff) 


Dead End Job - When is content, content? Podcast 4

A little what you call it ramble about recognising content, or at least the first part of a two or three podcast stretch on "what is content" 

Key points - don't be disheartened when you don't get all of the likes after your 15 post challenge.

#1023Challenge (Listen at 10:23 on this podcast

Here's podcast 04 

Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day, it takes two eggs to make a cake and all of that - your audience won't arrive overnight, patience, Jedi. 

Dead End Job - The Podcast Epicsode 3 : Social Tools

For starters, can I just say that I was listening to FINK, a fantastic British band, album's "Hard Believer" - You should go buy it on Amazon. Can I also say that I just had it on in the background and that was a foolish rookie mistake. 


The plugins I talked about were "Inbox by Gmail

The Software platforms I talked about are Hootsuite and Buffer

I can't remember what else I said, lucky I take notes! (And that Elena monitos my spelling!) 


Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode two : How did it start?

You'll be pleased to note that I've spent my last Amazon Associates cheque on a pop guard, yes, all $9 of it... So that will clean the audio up, that and the fact that I have a mildly sore throat, oh poor me, so YES, sorry,  bit messy. 

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Podcast two, a vague (I say that a lot, don't I!) splash of when what and where.

We start the journey from... well, I said I'd hand-draw you a timeline, this isn't very thorough, but...



Dead End Job - The Podcast Episode one

We talk "hello" and that's about it. We deal with an annoying click, after converting a podcast to mono, because we're studio and recorded in stereo (it's ok, first go around...) 

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What "Dead End Job" is about? It's about pushing those that need pushing, dragging those that need dragging and mostly pushing and dragging myself. 

I wanted to get something down, the start of something. This is the start of something and I hope you'll add me to your "listening to" list.